VITA Tax Services

let us empower you learn how to file your taxes for free - 4 women lined up for a photo
let us empower you learn how to file your taxes for free - 4 women lined up for a photo

Our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program is here to help you this tax season! Knowing how to report your income to the IRS can be taxing and confusing. If you need help, Hawaii First is here to lend a hand. Come to the Hilo Community Resource Center Tuesdays – Fridays by appointment and receive help filing your taxes for FREE. Let us EMPOWER you and teach you the tools you need to file your taxes. Fill out the form below to get started!

Disclosure: Our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program is certifed to prepare basic tax preparations for the 2019 tax year only. Below is a chart of what we will be able to prepare and what will not be able to prepare. We encourage you to seek other VITA sites or a professional preparer for assistance with complicated tax returns. For a list of other tax preparation sites, visit irs.gov.

Did you (or your spouse) receive the following income in 2019?
Will Prepare Income:Will Not Prepare Income:
Wages, Salaries, etc. (Form W-2)Tip Income
Interest Income (Form 1099-INT)Self-Employment Income
Dividends Received (Form 1099-DIV)Cash/Check/Virtual Currency Payments, or Other Property or
Services for Any Work Not Reported on Forms W-2 or 1099
State Tax Refunds (Form 1099-G)Income (or Loss) from the Sale or Exchange of Stocks, Bonds,
Virtual Currency or Real Estate (Forms 1099-S, 1099-B)
Social Security Benefts (Form SSA-1099, RRB-1099)Retirement Income or Payments from Pensions, Annuities,
and IRA (Form 1099-R)
Gambling Winnings (Form W-2G)Income (or Loss) from a Rental Property
Education Credits (Form 1098-T)
Unemployment Compensation (Form 1099G)
Disability Income (1099-R – Distribution Code must be 3)

Did you (or your spouse) pay the following in 2019?
Will Prepare Expense:Will Not Prepare Expense:
AlimonyContributions to your retirement account (Traditional IRA)
College or post-secondary education expenses for yourself,
spouse or dependents (Form 1098-T)
Medical & Dental (including insurance premiums)
Contributions to your retirement account (401K or Roth IRA)Taxes (State, Real Estate, Personal Property, Sales)
Child or dependent care expenses such as daycareMortgage Interest (Form 1098)
For supplies used as an eligible educator such as a teacher, teacher’s aide, counselor etcCharitable Contributions
Student Loan Interest (Form 1098-E)Expenses related to self-employment income or any other income you received
Education Credits (Form 1098-T)

Did you (or your spouse) have the following in 2019?
Will Prepare Life Events:Will Not Prepare Life Events:
Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit, Credit for Other DependentsHave credit card or mortgage debt canceled/forgiven by a lender or have a home foreclosure (Forms 1099-C, 1099-A)
Make estimated tax payments or apply last year’s refund to this year’s taxAdopt a child
Education Credits: American Opportunity Credit or Lifetime Learning CreditPurchase and install energy-effcient home items
Health Insurance Statements (Form 1095-B or 1095-C)Received the First-Time Homebuyers Credit in 2008
File a federal return last year containing a “capital loss carryover” on Form 1040 Schedule D
Have health coverage through the Marketplace (Exchange)
(Form 1095-A)
Have a Health Savings Account

Please note the following: Our VITA services, resources and appointments will be limited based on our certification. Our VITA site will be assisting with tax preparations for Tax Year 2019 only. All tax preparations will be scheduled by appointment only. Your income documents may be requested and reviewed by a VITA tax preparer to determine eligibility. An appointment will not be scheduled until it is determined that you are eligible for the VITA program set forth by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). In regards to the tax form 1099-R, please note: 1. Disability income (1099-R) with a code 3 in the Distribution Box is within Basic Certification. 2. Retirement Income will also receive a 1099-R, however the Distribution Box code will reflect a digit other than 3. This requires an Advanced Certification, which will be ineligible for our program. Regular Retirement Income will also receive 1099-R (Distribution Box will reflect a 1, 2, or 7) which requires an Advanced Certification. Married Filing Separately will also be considered ineligible for our VITA program.